Reg-Track System

Global regulatory tracking in a single source

There are two things that never slow down – the pace of business and the pace of regulatory change. Reg-Track is the compliance and finance professionals’ answer to keeping current and staying informed on these changes. With Reg-Track we can ensure that you are ready, keeping pace and planning ahead of regulatory change.

Reg-Track’s simple to use web interface enables you to quickly and easily locate rules and regulations at a click.  Save time, find the rules you want by keyword, or multiple filters including regulator, country, region, date-range, and by type of legal entity, financial product or firm function.

What you’ll find in Reg-Track

  • Daily capture of the regulatory developments including final rules, proposed rules, concept releases, guidance and enforcement actions.
  • Reg-Room’s proprietary summaries of each tracked regulatory development.
  • Direct web-links to the tracked rule and regulation on the regulator’s site.
  • Easy-to-use search features for finding the rules and regulations you want.
  • Customized daily email alerts sent to your in-box of the rules you want to track.

For Reg-Track brochure click here.